WorkRatio Revenue Management software is designed specifically for the vacation rental business. It is designed to give you a competitive edge and maximize your revenue from every available night at your property.

We’re Here to Help

We’ve taken the principles of hotel revenue management and created powerful dynamic pricing tool that is tailored specifically for vacation rentals. We made sure it’s easy to use and will help set the optimum rates for maximum occupancy and increased overall revenue for your properties by:
Simplifying complex operational challenges at scale with automation/technology
Easy to use UI with “Set and Forget” functionality
Direct integration with the Kigo Reservation System and Channel Manager
Eliminate the need for last minute discounting

Quickly Increase Rates and Occupancy

Our unique system analyses the demand in your local market, alters your prices within parameters that you set, so you’re always in control. So not only do rates increase, occupancy increases too because Kigo Revenue Management software adapts to changes in your market’s demand. This ensures that you always achieve the maximum revenue for your properties providing you with:
Capitalizing on the market when demand is high
Outbidding the competition during shoulder and low seasons
Full analytical data on property specific performance
Set boundaries for secure rate control

WorkRatio Revenue Management integrates fully with your website and your channel partners

You simply set your pricing rules and then let the system do the work. It analyzes demand to produce an optimum price in order to fill low occupancy periods and align with the market during high season.

Step Away From the Spreadsheets and Get Back to Business!

WorkRatio Revenue Management removes the need for manual analysis of rates, market research and time consuming rate changes. We help take the time and guesswork out setting the optimum rates for your properties. It sets the most appropriate prices and updates them across your properties, websites and portals so you can worry less and earn more.